Introducing the Airdrifters, the genre-defying band that's shaking up the music scene with their unique sound and high-energy live performances. Formed in 2018, the Airdrifters have been making waves in the music scene, playing at notable venues such as Bowery Electric, Bar Freda, Nutshell Hall, Cochecton Pump House, and Heaven Can Wait, receiving praise for their musicianship and crowd-pleasing abilities.

The Airdrifters are a deliciously weird rock and roll band from outer space, blending a love of modern rock with busker punk and psychedelic chamber pop , theairdrifters pay homage to their influences while forging forward a new and different pathway for the evolution of music without leaving behind the human element. 

They bring a powerful energy to the stage with their explosive guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and upfront bass grooves that drive the band's sound. Their live performances are a true spectacle, a mix of upbeat sound and thought-provoking lyrics, and experimental soundscapes that creates a unique listening experience.

With the band's debut album "Thought of the Hour" released this year, their genre-defying sound, unparalleled stage presence, emotional sound healing, and progressive rock-inspired virtuosic musicianship, the Airdrifters are a band not to be missed.